Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Dance 1, 2 & 3 - Holmes Great Grandparents

In getting up to speed on the best practice for doing family history, I found this YouTube clip.

Basically it runs through things you can do when you hit a brick wall and then we you finally find what you're looking for, you do the happy dance.

Well today, I did a happy dance, even with one leg.

The last couple of days, one of my branches has grown exponentially.  My Aunty & cousin came around for lunch while my Mum was staying with me.  Within a couple of hours I have about 30 new names and alot more data & dates.

From there I jumped on the Western Australian BMD (Births, Deaths & Marriages) site and found the names of my great grandfathers (Abraham Holmes) parents (Abraham Holmes & Fanny Mason).

Yesterday I went hunting a bit more, found some census records (showing a couple more children) and a private member tree on (showing what looked like my great great great great grandparents).

I quickly fired off a query to the user and received a reply today.  Yes - it is my great x 4 parents.

It's wins like these that keep you going!


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