Monday, 12 September 2011

Who Cares? Your Family?

One of the most interesting things I have found with getting into my family history is who is and isn't interested.

Your Family
Most of the family seem to be very interested as long as you don't expect them to do any work. 

My grandparents, parents, aunties & uncles set a very good example many years ago and have been very good at keeping the family history and holding family reunions so we could all keep up with the extended family.

The younger generation used to be really good at attending but as time has gone on and their lives have gotten busier, they seem to find it harder and harder to make it a priority.

Coming from a large family (baby of nine), I am well aware of the excuses made with big families, "there's too many, it's too hard so we won't bother".  But just by catching up with a small cohort, it keeps those connections open and allows for the next generation to make their own connections.

My advice to all who want to keep their family history alive is to lead by example or for a bigger cliche "build it and they will come".  Sometimes it feels like you're the only one at the party, but if you can keep small connections going, it will be worthwhile in the end.

Part II - Other Genealogists coming up soon.

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